3 Poems in Hoosier Poetry Book- Out Now!

2 May

Three of my poems (“Babel Fish Free Verse, Mirroring Poetry, and Self-actualization in Meter”) are in Arts of Lawrence Laureate #1: Grand Opening. This literary book is a tribute to the grand opening of a new cultural arts building at Ft. Ben (that’s east Indianapolis, Indiana). The book features 19 Hoosier poets (myself included) and can be purchased at the link below. All proceeds go to The Arts of Lawrence.


Piece Published by Illustrated Diaries

28 Apr

My short “I want to be normal” is now live on Illustrated Diaries. The piece is accompanied with gorgeous visual art by Virginia Poltrack. Poltrack is a senior visual designer for Google.

Read the piece at the link below:


And check out more of Poltrack’s art at her site:


Your Success Stories: M. A. Dubbs

22 Apr

My interview with Book Whisperer is now live! I talk about the process of publication for my book Aerodynamic Drag. Thinking about publishing a poetry collection?  You can learn from my snafus and successes.

Your Book Whisperer


I am a LGBT and Mexican-American poet from the Hoosier state of Indiana. I earned my B.A. in English and Psychology at Indiana University before earning my Master’s in Social Work. I began writing poetry in middle school but started seriously writing and publishing when taking creative writing classes in undergrad. I really enjoy poetry because there are few limitations to it which allows for fun play with form and look. There’s also few things more enjoyable than a poetry reading or poetry slam!

The hardest part of poetry is definitely the competition when submitting to literary magazines. There are many other poems in the slush pile so it’s a combination between standing out while also keeping the vision and form you intended.


WordPress: https://melindadubbs.wordpress.com/

Goodreads Profile: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21107505.M_A_Dubbs

Your writing journey:

My book Aerodynamic Drag is my first poetry collection. Originally I was approached by a…

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Short Story Published on Simily

13 Apr

My short story “All Things Bright and Beautiful” is now published and up on Simily. You might remember me posting earlier about submitting work to them and their payment process. I ended up reaching out to support due to it taking longer than the two weeks to hear back about publication acceptance (I waited four to reach out). My payment system is all set up and ready to go, though!

Simily is subscription-based including a free-subscription where you can read 5 short stories a month.

Check out “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, or just Simily in general, below!

COVID-19 Poem Published

12 Apr

Yesterday my poem “Pandemic Decorum” was published on Poetry and Covid which is a poetry project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. Pieces are featured online and showcase poets from around the world writing about their experience during the pandemic.

Check out my poem below:


Buy Me a Coffee Live

11 Apr

I now have a page on Buy Me a Coffee which if you aren’t familiar with the site, it is place where artists, writers, and other creatives can get monetary support or tips for their work. It’s a great place to gather support or also to offer your support for others to create. Want to support people creating OpenSource projects or LGBTQ+ film makers or budding content creators? You can find them using the “Explore Creators” function.

If you’re interested in supporting me, my poetry, or my blog, you can find my Buy Me a Coffee link below. I’ve also added a permanent button on the side as well. If you have a Buy Me a Coffee or create one after seeing this, comment on this post so I can become a follower!


Four Poems: Gonzo Press

1 Apr

The Gonzo Press Issue #2 is live today and features four of my poems this issue. The Gonzo Press is a paying market of poetry and fiction/essays and adds art and photos to the pieces to really bring the pieces to life. I’ve added the link below if you’re looking for something to read.


Poets & Writers Listing

26 Mar

After a month of waiting, my application for the Poets & Writers directory was accepted this evening! If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it is basically a large listing of traditionally published writers along with listings of various literary magazines. You can indicate that you are interested in being contacted or are opening for readings but, in all honesty, it’s more to give you writer street cred.

To be listed you need so many “points” based off of your publication history along with proof of publication. This was the hardest part for me, unfortunately, due to smaller presses I was in no longer operating. A couple magazines were scrubbed from the Internet archives (*insert Star Wars prequel meme here*). But much unlike our bae Obi Wan Kenobi, I was able to use the Wayback Machine to save some screen shots. Someone needs to tell Star Wars engineers about the importance of redundancy.

Anyway, I have my profile link below if you want to check it out or if you are interested in applying yourself.


Reviews for Aerodynamic Drag

23 Mar

Working on my press/media kit for book fair submissions and wanted to share the image of some of the reviews from my book Aerodynamic Drag: Poetry and Short Fiction. Check it out below if you haven’t read it yet! Also, let me know if you are interested the creation of a press/media kit and I can create a post about the process.


Micro-fiction out on Vine Leaves Press

16 Mar