Poem Published in pacificREVIEW

28 Jul

Last night I received my contributor copy of pacificREVIEW and it is gorgeous! If you’re not familiar with pacificREVIEW they are a west coast arts journal that publishes poetry, short fiction, and visual art. This feature’s theme was “The Mirror Maze” focusing on the exploration of self and identity. So much of the writing featured was from fellow writers who, like myself, identify as mixed heritage/mixed raced/mixed culture. They feature the struggle to balance these two cultures and parts of oneself. I can’t express how it feels to read a piece that represents your struggle and personhood so well. I was especially moved by “How To Lose Your Culture” by Juan Cortez and “Mírame”by Eric Odynocki.

The journal features crisp, vivid art in full color throughout with a sleek, glossy soft cover. The journal was edited by Nayeli Castañenda-Lechuga along with other staff from San Diego State University.

My poem “ETHNIC ORIGIN: (Circle One)” was published in this issue and explores my relationship with my conflicting relationship between my white and Mexican background.

If you are interested you can purchase your copy of the journal here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0916304205?dchild=1&keywords=pacific&m=A119ICNS1106UD&qid=1627432303&s=merchant-items&sr=1-6&linkCode=sl1&tag=sdsupress-20&linkId=28ca0c92a9083c2ba2b5238a66753d71&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

“Thalassophobia”-Interactive Poem for Game Jam

12 Jul

I’m very proud to announce the completion and release of my interactive poem “Thalassophobia” on itch.io. This poem combines the best of the written word with visuals, audio, and video game interface. I created this poem for the ShufPoetry Experimental Poetry Game Jam.

If you aren’t familiar with a Game Jam, it’s a call for video game creation in a shorter amount of time usually focused around a certain theme. The jam was a fun blend of writing, video games, and coding.

You can play “Thalassophobia” within your browser here: https://madubbs.itch.io/thalassophobia

If you want to learn more about ShufPoetry Poetry Game Jam (or join, you have 18 more days!), you can check it out here: https://itch.io/jam/shufpoetry-jam

A huge shout out to Eric Matyas for allowing me to use his horror sound effects. You can find more of his work here: https://soundimage.org/

Another shout out to PacDV for allowing me to use their ocean sound effects. You can find their samples here: https://www.pacdv.com/sounds/

Poetry Reading: Grand Opening

23 Jun

Thank you to all who came out to Ft. Ben’s Cultural Campus Grand Opening! I read my three poems published in Poets Laureate and greatly enjoyed meeting my fellow poets Liza and Barry.

Three Poems in INverse Poetry Archive

17 Jun

I was informed today that three of my poems: “Indiana Night”, “Slash-and-burn”, and “In These Black Hills You Need More Than Gold” were accepted into the Indiana poetry archives, INverse. INverse’s mission is to preserve Hoosier poetry for future generations of readers and poems are selected by a committee including the state’s poet laureate (Adrian Matejka), Indiana Arts Commission Staff, and Indiana State Library staff.

I am incredibly honored to have my poetry in the archive and have my writing represent the state of Indiana!

My poems should be live in the archive in a couple of months, so I will be able to link them at a later date!

“A Walk to Americana”: Visual Poem

12 Jun

My poem “A Walk to Americana” with gorgeous visuals from The Gonzo Press.

Source: A Walk to Americana

Poetry Reading for Grand Opening

10 Jun

I will be doing a poetry reading with Poets Laureate’s Liza Hyatt for the Grand Opening of Ft. Ben’s Cultural Campus on Friday June 18th 5:45pm right before the Mayor’s ribbon cutting. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, please come to this fun event filled with music, art, and food trucks!


My Book is #2 Best Seller on Kindle!

2 Jun

Yesterday my poetry collection, Aerodynamic Drag, went on sale. Woke up this morning and it is now in the #2 Best Sellers slot for LGBT Poetry! Also #7 for Hispanic American Literature, so that’s cool! Thank you to all my readers for supporting me and my book and if you haven’t already, please feel free to grab your free download on Kindle today!

Free Poetry Book for Pride Month

1 Jun

Happy Pride! Today is June 1st and the start of the month-long celebration for the LGBTQ+ community! In honor of this month, the e-version of my book Aerodynamic Drag: Poetry and Short Fiction is FREE! The deal starts today June 1st and lasts through Saturday 5th. Click below to get your free digital copy on Amazon Kindle.

Found Poem Published Unlost Journal

29 May

My found poem “Magazine Man-Spread: Cosmo Over the Years” is out in Unlost Journal #25. If you are unfamiliar with found poetry, it uses text from another source to create a new meaning and prose. Give it a read at the link below!

3 Poems in Hoosier Poetry Book- Out Now!

2 May

Three of my poems (“Babel Fish Free Verse, Mirroring Poetry, and Self-actualization in Meter”) are in Arts of Lawrence Laureate #1: Grand Opening. This literary book is a tribute to the grand opening of a new cultural arts building at Ft. Ben (that’s east Indianapolis, Indiana). The book features 19 Hoosier poets (myself included) and can be purchased at the link below. All proceeds go to The Arts of Lawrence.